We sincerely thank you for choosing our product and hope it is exactly what you want!

The dance mat with the game console is a multi-functional game product, you may not be familiar with all its functions at first, so please read the product manual before playing.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Equipment requirements

1. Equipment Requirements: Please make sure your TV has a standard HDMI port. Some older TVs may be incompatible resulting in unclear images or no sound.

2.If you are not hearing any sound when connecting a dance mat to the television, while the television is connected to a speaker, please check if the volume of the television is turned off. If it is turned off, please turn it on. If you still can't hear any sound, please disconnect the television from the speaker.

3.Please keep in mind that the USB interface of the console's power cord should not be directly connected to the USB interface of the television. This can cause the television screen to switch automatically.

About the Odor

The first time you unpack the dance mat, it would have an unpleasant smell. Please rest assured, that it is non-toxic. The main reason for the odor is the tight sealing for a prolonged period of time. Put in a cool and ventilated place for 3 days and the odor will completely dissipate.

Our dance mat is made of high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous quality testing that wouldn't harm your health.

Dance Mat Songs Download

Considering the dance steps need to be in sync, our dance mat doesn't support downloading your own songs. Please download the programmed songs from our official website(👉Download), which are compiled based on specific dance steps, and the music rhythm and dance steps are precisely synchronized. you need to remove the SD card from the host and connect it to a computer using the included USB flash drive to transfer downloaded songs to the micro SD card. Buyers can also locate the respective folder to delete videos or songs they do not like.

In 2024, our R&D team will continue to upgrade the song library. Please pay attention to our official website for the latest information. If you have favorite songs, welcome to tell us by e-mail. Please give us more time to develop and improve this. Thank you in advance!

Wireless Controller

The dance mat comes with two controllers: D1 and D2. D1 is the primary controller for single-player mode, while D2 is the secondary controller for two-player mode. Please use D1 to play solo and only use D2 when playing with another person.

Dance Mat Control

If the dance mat switch is on and at folded state, the dance mat will interfere with the host, so the controller will not work. So when the dance mat is folded, please remove the battery and turn off the dance mat switch.

When using the single dance mode of the double dance carpet, both the left and right mats are applicable in the 4-key and 6-key modes, only the left mat can be used in the hands & feet mode.

Game Control

The camera game is captured in real-time by the 3D camera and
controlled directly with body movements, allowing people to interact with the
game in an immersive way.

The other games can be controlled by the controller or by the
dance mat.

How to quit the game?

Controller: press "START/CONFIRM" to pause the game, then press and hold the "SELECT" button for 3 seconds to exit the game and return to the previous menu.

Dance mat: step "START" to pause, then step "SELECT" to return to the previous level menu.


The instructions can not be detailed examples of each gameplay, you can explore the play on your own. If you are not clear about any games or functions, please feel free to contact us.

The disco ball light is not on

Turn the disco ball half a turn so that the 2 poles on the bottom line up with the contacts on the base.


Please place the dance mat in a dry place for storage, The PU and PEVA materials do not absorb water and are easy to care for. It can be cleaned by wiping with a damp towel. When not in use for a long time, please remove the battery inside the dance mat and controller to increase longevity.

Static electricity

Please note that when you move the dance mat, you may experience electric static discharge due to friction. This is not a leakage issue, but rather a result of static electricity in dry weather when in contact with the human body. Please be assured that the dance mat is safe to use.