• How to add the song to the dance mat game?

1. Take out the micro SD card from the host

2. Use a card reader(some laptops might have a card slot) to load the content on your computer.

Folder path: 

3. Download the song (.mp3 or .mov) and the its .nte/.ds files, copy them to the the corresponding three folders (east/kid/west)

For example: Copy both of the files of the song 'only girl' to the folder west


4. Replace the starlevel.dat file on the game folder

Folder path: 


👉Download the files from OneDrive


  • Cartoon video update:
1. Download the files and here: Cartoon Video
2. Replace the files on the dm folder
  •  User manual download:

1. PU/PEVA Dance mat

2. Flannel Dance mat

Right click and choose save as.. to download.



If you have any questions, please contact